My Personal Experience with COVID-19


Credit: PBS NewsHour

Luka G., Editor and Contributing Writer

When COVID-19 arrived, it was truly a shock to the world. This disease spread around the globe like wildfire, inflicting mass chaos and confusion wherever it went. Fear spread from neighborhood to neighborhood as people’s lives were in danger. People everywhere, roaming around wearing thick, slimy latex gloves and ghostly white surgical masks, hiding their true identities. The world was shutting down. However, there was more than just death from COVID-19. Death was merely the stepping-stone, for the alteration of security and public emotion began to bloom from a small, yet devastating disease soon to be a pandemic.

Yes, everyone has had a different experience with COVID-19, but given the current circumstances, COVID-19 has impacted us all to some level. This is where public opinion springs about into levels of variation and where we must dive into the minds of citizens to truly extract how COVID has twisted our lives askew.

To reflect, we can dive into the minds of individuals like myself. A couple of days ago, I remember my father and I heading into town to grab a couple of drinks from the local coffee shop. Everything was going fine, until I spotted out of the corner of my eye a man sitting on a bench near the street, a flight of stairs below me. This man seemed to be submerged in his laptop doing some kind of business with a large suitcase next to him. He seemed to be waiting for the bus to arrive as a tall, white sign with the emblem of a bus towered beside him. Moments later, I noticed a female police officer approaching this man with a concerned look on her face. I knew exactly what was going to happen as I quickly noticed bright yellow tape on the bench the man was sitting on. When the officer reached the man, she firmly demanded that he “get off this bench”. The man, feeling threatened, replied “I’m just waiting for the bus”. The women, being frustrated, politely asked the man again to get up, but the man refused. All of this commotion sparked others to join in. A man standing behind us in line started shouting at the man to “get up and let the woman do her job!” Others walking by, even my father, started yelling at this innocent man, who was just simply waiting for the bus with his belongings. This mere conversation between two had turned into an angry altercation between many different people from many different sectors of the streets, all arguing fiercely with this man to relinquish his seat. After what seemed like forever, the man reluctantly gave up his seat, lugging his heavy suitcase and laptop with him, his head slumped forward in disappointment. I turned to my father and replied with, “Wow, I never could have imagined this to happen during any other time.” He just looked at me and slowly nodded.

Credit: Safety and Health Magazine

Looking back on this, I truly understand the significance of this event. COVID wasn’t just a pandemic.  As people were dying, the minds of people began to race, fearing for their own safety. From my experience, the whole of society was being transformed into a nervous and emotional state where anything labeled as a threat was closely examined and struck down with the fruits of anger and dismay. This is not good now nor in the long run. Businesses and industries will shut down, isolation will be taken to the extreme; really anything you can imagine could become reality. So how can all this stop? We all wish the fear, the frustration, the anger, would just vanish. But there is no messiah or celestial being to save us; there is only yourself and those around us. In theory, masks and gloves will protect us from everything and everyone, but in reality, our willpower and mindset is what drives us. Instead of the negative, think of the positive. Instead of looking down with defeat and despair, look up with hope and aspirations, even if that means changing our lifestyles for the better. If we can shed a positive light on the negative wrath of COVID, morals will boost and hopes will heighten. Incidents like the one in town will seldom happen again and even though COVID is still buzzing around with its scythe of annihilation, its effect can shrink. Let us learn from this horrendous experience and come out of it as better people and a better society.