Ode to Success


Tiny Buddha

Being successful is everyone’s dream, so how can you be successful?

Ode to Success

Do you ever wonder when you’re wake or while you’re up at night,
Will success go and run its course, will failure take a bite?
Believe me I know, I’ve had my own visions
I’ve thought myself out, crafted my own decisions.
We’ve come to view, without evidence despite
An image of success, as pure black and white:
While happiness is a spark, driving us to our goal,
if we come short, failure attacks, leaving us in a dark hole.
But that view is so terribly vain, oh truly how it is dear god
It shows us our minds, how they are twisted and flawed.


Now the road isn’t easy, there will be lots of turns,
Your mind will start to bubble, your stomach may start to burn.
With roads comes some sickness, some confusion, some doubt
It may just make your mind turn itself inside-out.
But bear with me here and my strong advocations,
For you are truly your own biggest motivations
Don’t look up to others, “Oh I should be like them”
For you are unique, you shine like a gem.
Don’t look towards money, towards power, or fame
For you may end up distressed and terribly ashamed.
Don’t go to prove yourself, to avenge your grandpappy
For you may end up lost, sad and unhappy.
It’s crazy how the mind works, our emotions and expressions,
But as I’ve said before, It’s truly a misconception.
Now that we are united, we are all on the same page
We can burst forward and spread this message, like a bird through a cage.
For success is determined, it arrives from our start
Driven by the desires lurking in our heart.


No one will be like you, really, no one will ever
And I’m glad to have spoken to you, it’s been my pleasure.
But now I must depart, for I have places to go,
But here are some quotes I love to which I will bestow:


“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward”
–  Abraham Lincoln
“It always seems impossible until it’s done”
–     Nelson Mandela
“The best revenge is massive success”     
– Frank Sinatra


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
–  Wayne Gretzky                             

“Never look at the past for that is a waste of time,

Look into the future, for it is the sublime”

– Luka Gangemi