From 1619-2020: The Never Ending Fight


Roberto Schmidt/AFP/Getty Images

On June 6th, thousands of people of different race, gender, sexuality, religion and age gathered in Washington D.C. to protest police brutality and racism in America.

From 1619-2020: The Never Ending Fight

Lightning struck the deep blue waves crashing against wooden ships which carried people and floorboards packed with misery and tears
Thunder roared as they slaved away on the fields of sorrow grasping onto the hope of freedom
Rain poured down on them which they hoped would wash away the color of their skin
Because shields of discrimination disguised as umbrellas were only granted to those with skin as fair as snow
Years passed and many believed this wouldn’t last
The fight for equality kept shifting backwards and forwards
But once again we arrive at a turning point

The people are dying
The children are crying
Why can’t you see us?


You are young what do you know
There’s still so much room for your brain to grow


George Floyd heaved out the words ‘I can’t breathe’ before taking his final breath
The last tear rolled down his cheek
Last look at the world
And last gasp of air before he was forced to leave
He cried out for his mother

You claim you want justice
But no you must be silenced


Breonna Taylor went to sleep that night not knowing that would be her last time to dream
She did not struggle nor did she resist arrest
But the color of her skin was more than enough to turn it into a blood fest


Stop acting like dirt in our lungs contradicting our thoughts and words
Before you go complaining about covid remember it was all a hoax that just occurred
We can’t lose our privilege
men, keep a tight grasp
Can’t you see they’re trying to climb up to my class
Stand back, stand by follow those instructions closely
Misogyny does not require an apology
I want the power don’t you dare call it white supremacy
It’s just common decency


No sir
Human decency is about kindness not hate
You demand us to stop but we cannot wait
Social justice will take years
But it will be worth every sweat and tear
The kids are our future and they will not fall
Every name you call us won’t prevent us from standing tall
We will fight for our rights
And because of that our future remains bright