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  • Chess team wins 1st place in K-5 U1000 at NY State Championship
  • Congrats to JHS CONSAT Co-ed Basketball for Making the League Semi-finals
  • Seniors embark on their Senior Projects

Editorial Policies


The Grizzly holds its staff members to high standards of journalism and expects every member to behave in an ethical manner.  

  • The Grizzly will inform its viewers through accurate and factual reports. Information included in these reports will be thoroughly verified. Images and videos will not be distorted. 
  • The Grizzly will refrain from printing unnecessary profanity or inappropriate language. 


Any significant contributions to a story by a writer will be credited in the byline. The order of writers listed on the byline has no significance. Editors will not be credited in bylines unless they made significant contributions to the story and the approval of an Editor-in-Chief was given. 


The Grizzly encourages readers to voice their opinions respectfully and engage in discussion around the topics discussed in articles. Comments are pre-moderated, and will be removed if deemed to be in violation of The Grizzly Commenting Policy. Comments that contain personal attacks, foul language, threats of violence, encouragement of illegal behavior, or violations of copyright protections will be removed at once. 


Corrections will be displayed when mistakes are brought to the attention of The Grizzly Editorial Team. An editor’s note should be present at the top of a corrected story. A corrected story will be tagged with a special corrections tag. We encourage readers to report mistakes by contacting [email protected]. Stories that have been corrected can be found here

Guest Articles/Columns:

The Grizzly welcomes guest articles and columns by the students and staff of BASIS Independent Brooklyn. Guest articles and columns will undergo the same editing process as articles written by The Grizzly team. The authors will be credited in the byline. 

Letters to the Editor:

The Grizzly accepts letters to the editor from BASIS Independent Brooklyn students in grades 8-12. Letters will be edited by The Grizzly Editorial Board and may be withheld from publication if the standards of professional journalism are not met. Letters to the editor must be under 300 words and must include the author’s name, grade, and element. Letters to the editor should be emailed to [email protected]


The Grizzly strongly condemns any acts of plagiarism by any staff writer. If found guilty of plagiarism, the writer may be given a warning or be removed from The Grizzly team depending on the severity of the case. 


The Grizzly is open to any interested students at BASIS Independent Brooklyn in grades 8-12. Only high schoolers are permitted to become members of the Editorial Board. A member’s biography will be posted on the website once they have joined The Grizzly team and have contributed. The Grizzly has the right to withhold articles from publication if they do not meet the standards of professional journalism. A student may be removed from The Grizzly team if they violate The Grizzly policy.

Social Media:

Social media accounts associated with The Grizzly will be used to promote content published by The Grizzly and to interact with the BASIS Independent Brooklyn community. Only media directors, editors-in-chief, and faculty advisors will be allowed access to The Grizzly’s social media accounts. Members are prohibited from using The Grizzly’s social media accounts for their personal use. High standards of journalism should be maintained when using social media. 

*The Grizzly Editorial Policies go into effect in September, 2021.

Written by Editor-in-Chief Sidharth R.’22

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Editorial Policies