Spring Art Competition: Summer, Warped Nature, and Duality

The BASIS Independent Brooklyn Art Club is hosting its second competition of the year! There will be one prize per grade band for Gr. 1-4, Gr. 5-8, and Gr. 9-12. The prize is a $25 gift card! The competition centers around different themes: Summer (Gr. 1-4), Warped Nature (Gr. 5-8), and Duality (G. 9-12).

Students may vote on their favorite piece of art by using the link on schoology. Voting ends on Monday, May 31st.  All submissions can be found below.

**Update: Congratulations to Eloise L. (2nd Grade), Hudson L. (8th Grade), and Lyra Y.(10th Grade), the winners of the Spring 2021 Art Competition!   

(Feature Image Credit – Left: Lyra Y., Top Right: Raffaella C., Bottom Right: Luca S.)

Grade 1-4 Submissions: Summer

Luke V., 1st Grade

Allegra G., 1st Grade

Samantha L., 2nd Grade

Eloise L., 2nd Grade

Milo B., 4th Grade

Grade 5-8 Submissions: Warped Nature

Raffaella C.

Hudson S., 5th Grade

Sasha A. and Frankie T., 5th Grade

Billy M., 5th Grade

Ori J., 5th Grade

Ethan D., 5th Grade

Vivienne D., 5th Grade

Milo M., 5th Grade

Olivia B., 6th Grade

Maya B., 6th Grade

Olivia M., 7th Grade

Hudson L., 8th Grade

Grade 9-12 Submissions: Duality

Lyra Y., 10th Grade

Luca S., 11th Grade