BASIS Bears Start Basketball Season Off Strong


BASIS Bears put on a strong performance at their first basketball game.

The BASIS Bears began their basketball season with a strong showing against Northside Charter High School. While the end score was 17 Bears – 29 Northside, the team put up a good fight against hefty competition. Team Captain Luc M.’22 commented, “I’m really proud of all the effort we put in, and we’ve all been working really hard in practice. We made some mistakes, and I definitely made some too, but we’re going to work harder to come back even stronger.”

The game was a clear indicator of the ferocity and perseverance of the BASIS Bears. Well done to coaches Jill Schickling and Nicholas Edwards! Athletic director Mr. McCollum said, “Our team played well today. They made us proud.”

Be sure to cheer on the BASIS Bears on Tuesday, February 8th for their next basketball game!

Special thanks to Ms. Goldfarb for the photographs. View the full gallery below.