One-Eyed King

Once upon a time,

in a kingdom full of lies,

a one-eyed king

reigned supreme

over the dancing shadows

on his other side.

In my mind,

where the darkness hides,

you will find

the three-eyed beast,


I know it’s hard,


Sometimes I try to imagine

how my shadows will die.

Some by suicide,

some from syanide,

others, I will find,


a long way from home,

and rip their guts out,

one by one,

beneath a blackened sun.

From the golden throne

I stand above

my dying souls,

creeping, crawling,

behind the half-lies and tombstones.

Lying in my hallowed grave,

above half a broken mind,

in a half a starry sky,

half a raven cries:

Half a mind

of darkness lies

on the other side.