Photo Essay: New Perspective on Trash

Photo Essay: New Perspective on Trash

Sofia G., Contributing Writer and Photographer

In an attempt to capture the macro impact of pollution while taking images of the seemingly microscopic pieces of trash we see in our daily lives, I position my camera on the level of, or below the subject, giving the illusion that the object is larger than it is. This close-up look represents the large impact of the little things.

The images that contained red were edited to be more vibrant, like a mark made permanently on the ground, an impact. It was a struggle trying to capture such small things as I had to get on the ground with my camera, but well worth the trouble. 

Another goal of this project was to create a diverse range of colors and subject matter. Despite this broad range, all these photos were taken on one street in Brooklyn, and there is much more where these came from.



This image is my personal favorite. Although the note is a little difficult to read, it was written by a person on their way to school who saw a smashed windshield and wrote the person a note on an old coupon. It’s hilarious, and yet the person who received the note threw it on the ground. The person attempting a kind gesture, but the receiver saw their compassion as garbage.