BASIS Independent Sports News


Yasmin B., Editor

This year at BASIS Independent, our sports teams have worked incredibly hard. Both our high school boys’ soccer team and our girls’ high school volleyball teams made it to the playoffs! Unfortunately, we had tough losses there but, basketball season is starting and we are very committed! Our high school boys are very excited for the upcoming tryouts. Junior Matthew Shtaynberg feels especially confident, saying, “I’m ready to body my opposition and use the full extent of my power to cooperatively win every single game.” Alex Gu, on the other hand is not as confident in his skills. He says, “Alex only do talk, Alex don’t do work.” We are all rooting for them to win the championships this year, something that has never been accomplished in the history of high school basketball at BASIS Independent Brooklyn. 

Returning members of the team trying out like Tyler Cheung, seem pretty sure on their abilities of making it this season. Cheung says to catch him “doing the James Harden stepback” on the court on Monday. We’ve also got some new tryouts, like junior Zihan Salim who is, “just trying to get by” and very much hopes to make it onto the basketball team. Doing a school sport can help to build leadership skills as well as bond with your classmates. Sophomore Zephyr Ge, is very excited to tryout because he believes “it is good exercise and helps build reputation to compete with other schools.” 

Basketball is an intense sport that requires you to be in good shape and work hard. Our basketball team has put in a lot of effort over the last few years and hopefully this year it will pay off. Unfortunately, we have lost a few key members of the team that graduated in the senior class of 2019. But, the boys feel like they can make up for it and work their way to the top. We are hearing very confident answers from our high schoolers. Newcomer Emelian Khokhlov says, “don’t catch me on the bench, it’s all or nothing.” He’s clearly ready to make the team. Sophomore Corbin Jones thinks that his “skills have improved enough over the years” and will secure him a spot on the court. 

Overall, we’ve had a good team here at BASIS Independent in the past, but this year will be stronger than ever. The added excitement and competition of tryouts definitely brings out the best in our players. Even though the season hasn’t started yet, you can be sure that every time the gym is open, they are in there practicing and getting better. Coach McCollum comments that “this group that we have now is the best group that I’ve seen at this school, and I’m looking forward to tryouts and selecting a great group of players.” He is excited to win the championship that they deserve this year. 

Photo by Danny D. ’22