What to Watch: Money Heist


Zihan S., Contributing Writer

(Minor spoilers involving plot)

With quarantine causing everyone to stay indoors, the lingering question always to be answered throughout the day is, “what am I gonna do?” The most common answer is to watch Netflix. However, once you get on Netflix the next struggle is trying to find a good show or movie to watch. Well I’m here to tell you that Money Heist is the show to watch to fulfill all of your quarantine boredom. This multi-award winning Spanish drama was trending on Netflix from March to the end of April. Is this foreign drama worthy enough to invest in and binge watch for the next week and a half? The easy answer is yes. 

The main plot focuses on the greatest heist of all time. The story takes place within Spain, where a group of the country’s most dangerous criminals join together to take part in the greatest scheme within the country’s history. The group’s leader is known as The Professor. He creates this group with the sole intention of making himself and his group members rich beyond their wildest dreams. The Professor plans that the group go to the Royal Mint of Spain and print out billions of Euros for the group. This heist has been planned out for years by The Professor, and he coordinates the entire operation. He is ready for every scenario and has every solution no matter what goes wrong. Once the group is at the Royal Mint, they secure the entire building and keep everyone in their hostage. From there it’s all a matter of the group trying to maintain order and carry out the mission. The plan sounds like your standard type of criminal Netflix show. Money Heist is different in that the intentions of the group mean well. They do not want to hurt anyone, and they do not plan on killing any of the hostages either. With the addition of this element, this leads to many unique and meaningful interactions between the group and their hostages. Because of this, there are many interesting character and relationship developments within the show. There is also a detective on the job trying to save the people and stop the heist. This is another dynamic of the show, where one half of it we see the heist and the other we see the detective on the hunt trying to get the group while keeping everyone safe. 

This show is the definition of anxiety. You are constantly on the edge of your seat waiting to see what is going to happen next, and it’s only one of the many compelling aspects of the show. Another very well written part of the show is the interaction between the group itself. We are introduced to Tokyo (the main character), and we see her develop throughout the whole heist. The interactions and relationships she forms with other people impact not only the story, but they also leave an impact on us as viewers as well. Money Heist is overall one of the most interesting and well developed drama series on Netflix and it is definitely worth watching.