I’m not crying for now

Im not crying for now

I’m not crying for now

But that won’t always be the case.

You are so much more than one memory.

You are so much more than a day.

Instead I think of you when I read Vonnegut,

Or when I talk about Freud or Piaget.

I’ve started using mushrooms in my lasagna

As you recommended, by the way.

I’m sad when I think about how you are missing:

At graduations, reunions, Earth Day,

Those seniors won’t have the pleasure

Of you reviewing their college essays,

Sometimes when I think of a student

Whose sadness you would’ve better allayed

I don’t know if you realized

How much you were a mainstay.

I’m not crying for now,

Nor did I cry yesterday,

But we’ll see what happens when I’m

Inevitably reminded of you one day.