Dear Mr. D


Photo complements of the Bhan Family.

Dear Mr. D


The moment I heard the news I couldn’t believe

that you had to leave.

I was in utter distraught,

as if my voice had been caught

You meant so much to me

even though you couldn’t always see.

Through my writing I will keep your spirit alive

so I hope that my words will thrive

I will never forget you-

because I know that you’ll still be looking out for us too.


The moment I got to school the halls didn’t only look gray-

they felt it too, but no one wanted to say.

Some of us tried not to fall apart,

but the sinking feeling starts as you sit hopelessly.

We hoped you’d be here,

we thought through each and every tear-

I know you’d want us to keep going on,

but even at dawn we feel your presence gone.

So we must keep your legacy going,

and try to stop the emotions from overflowing.


The moment it happened our planet knew

because the city birds all flew.

As the rain slowly started to pour,

your loved ones just wanted even a second more.

But this is what fate intended

and wants our hearts to be mended.

It will take lots of time,

but if we didn’t at least try and cherish the joyful memories it would be a crime.