The Forgotten Ones


NATO Training Mission

Students in school in Afghanistan.

The Taliban is an ultraconservative political and religious organization known for its absurd ways of making people adhere to a misogynistic way of thinking. They believe that women are inferior to them; thus, women do not deserve the right to education and employment. The Taliban implement their extremist beliefs with violence. For example, they shot Malala Yousafzai because she was protesting for a women’s right to education. The Taliban made the headlines for their bitter way of treating women until the U.S. intervened in 2001. However, while the U.S. withdrew its forces from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban saw an opportunity to take over and were victorious. 

Wahidi Amiri, a woman of her time, is unrecognized for her protests against the Taliban’s vulgar treatment of the women of Afghanistan. Amiri is a law graduate who opened a library in the heart of Kabul, hoping to spread her business to encourage women to engage in reading. The arrival of the Taliban, to her, is the restarting of injustices that should be fought against. When the Taliban took over Panjshir valley, Amiri was there along with 7 other people who protested against this. They pointed a gun at her and said, “You’d better go home and cook lunch.”

Amiri in response said, “I’m not afraid of your guns…I’m capable of debating with you any subject you want. And I’m not going home to cook.” The following day, the Taliban restricted protests.

Wahidi Amiri and others are still fighting relentlessly for women’s rights in Afghanistan against the Taliban rule. They will not rest until the world addresses the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. Therefore, the U.S. and the United Nations should watch the Taliban closely. If the Taliban commits malicious acts against its people, they should be punished harshly.