The Surprising Solution to Global Food Demand



The trademark Ynsect jacket pictured in the Ynsect facility, in France.

The growing global food demand has skyrocketed over the past few decades and will continue to do so as our population increases by millions per year. Currently, there are approximately 7.8 billion people on the planet and with steady population growth, the demand for food is expected to grow by 60% in the next 30 years. In addition to poverty, human trafficking, AIDS, and more, world governments now have to deal with an inevitable food shortage. With the pandemic putting a strain on resources and potential solutions to the problem, it will be difficult to find new alternatives but we must do something to ameliorate the circumstances of the starving people. 

One promising enterprise that can address the issue is Ynsect, a newly developed French Company that specializes in breeding insects and repurposing them as “premium ingredients for animal and plant nutrition”; to put it colloquially, Ynsect is a bug farm. For example, the organization helps the natural world by breeding organisms, like mealworms, for livestock, fertilizers, among other food related processes. By utilizing these abundant natural resources, the firm will be able to support and sustain more animals for consumption. Ynsect plans to utilize the insect world, a field that most people don’t think about to its fullest potential as an answer to our modern crises. Furthermore, insects are not only an accessible long-term solution to the food demand but are also highly nutritious and an excellent source of protein.

Currently, Ynsect factories are being set up throughout Eastern France, and the company will have it’s official debut in 2022. However, the company is already immensely successful despite having no products on the market. Investors from all over have already contributed up to $224 million. Icons like Robert Downey Jr have invested in Ynsect over the past month to help create more factories with the hopes that Ynsect products will soon be found all over the world. The prevailing factory design is a 40 meter tall power plant which will be the highest vertical farm in the world. As development continues and mealworms are being prepared to save humanity’s hunger crisis, Ynsect is hoping to expand to aquaculture, farm animals, and even pets. Overall, Ynsect, being an international phenomenon, has the power to do great things and solve many problems. With new companies, like Ynsect, being invented there is much hope for the growing food demand. If you would like to learn more about Ynsect, check out their newly developed website: